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Akademischer Kern der IHP-Promotionsprogramme 'Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)' und 'Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)' ist die Thesis (Dissertation), die alle Doktoranden im Rahmen ihres Promotionsvorhabens an der University of Gloucestershire verfassen. Die PhD-Thesis stellt eine Forschungsleistung dar und belegt die Fähigkeit zum eigenständigen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. Die DBA-Thesis beinhaltet über die eigenständige Lösung eines Forschungsproblems hinaus auch die Darstellung von deren Transferpotenzial in die betriebliche Praxis.

Die Forschungen der IHP-Doktoranden umfassen eine große Themenvielfalt, die von den Wirtschafts- und Managementwissenschaften über die Sozial- und Gesundheitswissenschaften bis hin zu den Ingenieurwissenschaften reicht. Unsere Übersicht verzeichnet ausgewählte laufende Promotionsvorhaben und eine Auswahl abgeschlossener Promotionsvorhaben.


Auf der Universitätsseite sind Publikationen sowie abgeschlossene Dissertationen zu finden:



Economics and Management Studies

Laufende Promotionsvorhaben (Auswahl)

Toward a Process-oriented Knowledge Transfer Framework in a Knowledge Intensive Firm (KIF)

Volker Glaeser

A new chain model for cloud sourcing and explore its influences on the Value Chains of financial institutions in the DACH region

Thomas Joswig

Detection and elimination of suppliers' illegal price collusions

Rene Schumann

The contribution of the social semantic web to online marketing communications: a network theory driven case study in destination marketing

Reto Schneider

Exploring the potential of explorative learning in apprenticeship

Christian Moro

Influence of Manufacturing Technologies on the Organization of Factory Automation Business

Carsten Köhler

New shelteredness in change: A phenomenological analysis of biographical change competency development of managers

Yamilet Popp

Change of typical management skills in automotive area for successful work in Russia

Danny Kelm

Using the Jesuits' Accommodation Experience in China to Guide Change in Chinese Organizational Settings Today

Jürgen Wolff

Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategies for SMEs

Herbert Sedlmair

Versions of Deindustrialization - A model-based analysis of structural change

Rainer Przywara

Analysis and development of customer segmentation criteria and tools for SMEs

Sebastian Schubert

Future Sources of Competitive Advantage in the German Construction Equipment Industry

Hubertus Muenster

The key to successful innovation: A theoretical Model for Business Experimentation to improve the innovation performance of established technology companies

Mike Hahm

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Financial Performances of Companies

Thorsten Mehlhorn

The effects of internationalization on firm performance among German, Swiss and Austrian listed companies

Carsten Wehrmann

Valuation of business ventures from German venture capitalists’ perspective

DBA Student

Decision making process for the adoption of renewable heating technologies: A consumer perspective

Mario Reichler

A theoretical framework that identifies the contribution of local personnel when managing international engineering projects

DBA Student

A theoretical framework identifying adaptive measures in risk decisions of European Union banks following new leverage ratio regulations

Rolf Steffens

Abgeschlossene Promotionsvorhaben (Auswahl)

Municipal Management of Administrative Burdens - Standard Cost Model as Method of Change

Dr. Thomas Wolf-Hegerbekermeier

A New Process Model for Optimising IT Outsourcing Operations in the German Automotive Industry

Dr. Christine Brautsch

Distribution of decision power in matrix organizations - A qualitative survey

Dr. Andreas Schroeter

Exploring Strategies for Overcoming Innovation Resistance

Dr. Olaf Dietrich

The management of complexity in project management – a qualitative and quantitative case study of certified project managers in Germany

Dr. Christian Tresselt

Drug Funding Decision-Making in Hospital Formulary Committees in Germany

Dr. Tim Ruebsam

Exploring enabling factors for purchasing integration into the innovation process in a German Medium-sized System integrator of consumer electronic products

Dr. Ralf Vogt

Investigation of consumer over‐indebtedness within the German mail‐order industry using the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Dr. Tobias Aubele

Public Health Management

Laufende Promotionsvorhaben (Auswahl)

Towards a framework of ambulatory specialized care - A new way of quality of care for oncological patients

Ruth Anna Weber


Abgeschlossene Promotionsvorhaben (Auswahl)

A New Framework for Designing and Developing Cost-Effective Logistic Chains for Long Items

Prof. Dr. Markus Straub